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Here are the people that make your life easier. If you need anything from these

vendors, please feel free to give them a call (and tell them you saw it here) or

give me a call with your purchase request.

I can hook you up with any of these products:


Tricked-Toys is your place for custom Billet Aluminum accessories for snowmobiles

and more.

Please visit their products section for a complete list of the products available, like

their Billet Aluminum snowmobile wheels. If what you are looking for is not there, then

please let them know and they can see what we can do about getting it for you.

Give Brian an email: or check his website at:


Sled Head Racing (Big John) speacializes in everything Ski-Doo. From huge horsepower

big bore kits to mild clutch kits, we have what you need to make your sled run how you

want it.

Check out his performance packages (on his website) or give him a call. There is nothing

he can't improve on a Ski-Doo.

His website is and his contact number is (612) 718-3861.


The Snow Eliminator solves that problem in an instant...Now you can add "Open" style

running boards to most late model, long track mountain sleds.

Solves that problem in an instant... Now you can add "Open" style running boards to

most late model, long track mountain sleds.

Contact them at (541) 774-9480, or visit their website:


When you think of Van Amburg Enterprises, you think aftermarket, lightweight, high

quality snowmobile parts. We pride ourselves in being one of the founders of aftermarket

custom snowmobile parts.

Contact Liz @ (509) 225-6681 visit their website at:


Their Competition Toy services include custom engine building, specialty performance

parts and dyno testing for Garden Tractor pulling, Lawn Mower racing, Mini Cup cars, 

Mini Baja cars, Golf Car racers and snowmobiles of all sizes.

Whether you are building your own engine and just need custom parts or machine work or

want a complete engine built, They can help. All of the knowledge they have acquired over

the years from racing and designing products helps them to provide a good quality and

FRIENDLY service.

Give Scott a call at (319) 365-5391 or visit their website @


Dootalk is designed specifically for Ski-Doo enthusiasts to share information and

communicate with each other. Their goal is to provide the best all Ski-Doo discussion 

forums on the web as well as provide many other features to DOOTalk members free

of charge.

You can visit the site @


Over the years Snowtracks has been responsible for introducing thousands of snowmobile

enthusiasts as well as increasing winter tourism to snowmobiling premier destinations

thoughout North America.

The popularity of Snowtracks is based on it's family of members across the U.S. who share

their riding experiences and stories, plan and organize snowmobile trips, attend snowmobile

events, host social gatherings, all powered by the 10,000 plus Tracker Nation.

Become a member of the family by visiting



Visit Ben's site of for western states snowmobiling information. Visit

the site for news, sled tech, riding gear, video reviews, product reviews and classified adds

pertaining to the the western state snowmobiling community. You can also blog with other


Check the site out, you will be glad you did.



The Snow Pioneers trail system has inter-linked rivers, streams, Lake Delhi, roadways,

Backbone State Park, fields, public & private lands. The Snow Pioneers provide trail maps

for a modest fee at many locations in the area, including stops for fuel, food, lodging,

and repairs.

The Snow Pioneers website provides weather and trail conditions, and upcoming events.

Whether you are enjoying the company of good friends or just seeing the glory of nature

in the winter, The Snow Pioneers are dedicated to making this experience possible for

you in Delaware County.



Track Side has been a family run business for over 15 years. Our friendly, knowledgeable
sales and service staff and convenient location have helped us maintain a reputation as
one of the area's premier power sports dealers. Our extensive selection of clothing and
accessories from top quality manufacturers, ensures that you'll look as good as you feel
when you ride.
Contact Greg at (715) 479-2200 or visit them at
We are snowmobile guys. We are car guys. We eat, sleep, and dream about motorsports.
My company, RPM Composites Inc., is the result of this shared obsession. Hopefully,
as you read this information you will discover that RPM Composites is a very different sort
of company.
All of RPM Composites products are quality manufactured in the USA, assembled in-house,
and tested in real-world riding and driving conditions.

RPM Composites products will perform beyond your expectations, bringing added enjoyment

to your riding/driving experience.

Give Raffi a call @ (508) 896-7313 or visit his site at


Arctic FX offers many kits in an assortment of color options that you will hopefully find
appealing while shopping their site. However, if you would like a kit customized to your
color specifications, then you have come to the right place as well.
Simply contact Jordan with your specs and he will be happy to email you a mock-up. He
also offers specialty vinyl including, but not limited to: chrome, diamond plate, carbon fiber,
prismatic, and neon.
He also stocks every color foil for print available. In other words, if they make it-he has it,
or can get it within days.
Give Jordan a call at 586-786-9851, or visit him online @

Dynamo Joe clutch kits are the hottest upgrade to make your snowmobile perform better

than stock.

His helix and flyweight pins are precisely machined and resurfaced to make long life of the

parts and outlast the original wear components in the system.

His clutch kit uses the best quality products that have the highest wear resistance, resistance to deformation, good mechanical fitness all at an affordable price.

Joey and his friends have done the hard work so you can enjoy the fruits of their labour. His

kits will help you get an emotional connection between you and your sled.

Give Joey a call at (807) 346-9701 or visit his site @


Kelsey designs his heads with a full knowledge of the engine's operating characteristics and,

most importantly, the application and altitude at which the engine will be performing. He

specializes in HIGH ALTITUDE applications but actually does more low elevation heads because

there are more low elevation riders than high elevation riders.

He ONLY designs TRUE hemispherical combustion chambers. With a true hemi -chamber,

your engine can realize its maximum potential. Most other aftermarket heads are of the

Flat-Top chamber design. This is mainly because they are more easily machined.

Kelsey also has some of the most dependable and powerful big bore engines.  He has several

 applications, give him a call and he can hook you up with some reliable extra power.

For your application, call Kelsey at (208)852-3221or visit his website at


Torsion spacers for SKIDOO MODELS WITH SC2, SC3, SC4 and **some Summit models.

 (NOTE 2005 and newer 440's do NOT need spacers unless you are using a larger diameter

spring other than stock).

The purpose is to allow centering of spring to the shaft resulting in increased leverage and

a more effecient use of spring's energy. Without spacers, the springs torque to one side on

the shaft.

Kit includes spacers and aluminum retainers designed to hold spacers in place and prevent

wandering into idler wheel bearing assembly.

The torsion spring has ability to wind fully without hitting spacers. Gains are seen by as much

as two clicks ranges.

Give Bob an email at


Cool Concepts Performance Coatings provides all types of high-performance coatings.

They provide exhaust coatings including satin and semi-gloss black, Chromoshine, cast iron

gray, titanium and aluminum, high heat ID coatings for chrome tubing, brake system

and standard powder coatings.  In addition, they do hammered, wrinkle, gloss, flat,

transluscent, metalic and candies.

They can also do thermal barrier coatings on piston tops, moly coatings on piston skirts

and thermal barriers on cylinder heads, exhaust ports and other engine components.

You can contact Rick at (319) 540-1571 or visit his website @


Wide Open Productions run a boondocking and race films website called They produce about 10 films a year. 

They are constantly updating the site with new videos.

If you want to get in touch with them, you can email them at



Al & Lorrie are snowmobilers building products for fellow


They build and sell quality snowmobile lifts, sled lifts,

sled jacks and drivable dollies.

Visit their site at


Thought we only rebuilt complete engines? Think again! We are a full-service

machine shop. Even if you just need a head resurfaced, a crankshaft or

flywheel ground, we can help you. Need parts? We can get them too—for

less than you may be paying now.

AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE REBUILDERS, INC., has been in operation for

more than 22 years. We began in 1985 on Main Street in Waukesha and

moved to our new, larger location just a few blocks away on Arcadian

Avenue in October of 1998.

We are a professional automotive machine shop offering high-quality

                  machine shop services for today's modern, sophisticated

vehicles as well as yesterday's classic motors. We use superior equipment,

experienced master machinists, and strict quality controls to ensure you

an OEM-style rebuild every time.

We also offer several lines of name brand parts at competitive prices.

These lines cover automotive, performance, marine, diesel and recreational


Along with the standard services offered by most automotive machine

shops, Automotive Engine Rebuilders’ Performance Division offers

additional services oriented to racing or other high performance applications

which often make a significant improvement to the horsepower and longevity

of a performance engine.

Automotive Engine Rebuilders is dedicated to providing the finest

precision remanufactured engines, parts and machine shop services at a

competitive price.

We are one of the most recommended automotive machine shop facilities

in the area -- try us, we know you will be satisfied!

Give Donny or Kyle a call at 262-521-2250



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