Maize Kustoms

 Your 'one-stop' shop for all your snowmobile needs!
 ATTN: Lynn Williams AKA Maize
 318 11th Street SW
 Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
 Phone (319) 540-2775 Website:
Your Information:Your Snowmobile:
State:         ZIP:
Phone Number:      EMail:  
Riding Style: (circle one) occasional, semi-aggressive, aggressive
 (circle one) Trail, Off-Trail, Mountain - With or With Out sway bar
Rider weight:
How aggressively do you ride moguls: Ride the tops or slow down for them 
Services Requested: (circle one)Additional Services:
Ski Shocks: Revalve or RebuildAdd Podium: $215/shock
Center Shock: Revalve or RebuildStainless Hose Upgrade: $45/shock
Rear Shock: Revalve or Rebuild Bump Stops: Soft, Medium or Firm $17/shock
Special Service Requests:
How do you want these shocks to perform? What are your expectations?
Other comments, or requests, feel free to write them on the back.
Payment is either check or PayPal
Please remove all springs or loose bushings.
Please do not strap down shocks for shipping in shorter box.
Inadequate packaging, or strapped shocks will incurr a $10 shipping/handling fee

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