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I wanted to do a section to show my customers that I not only sell the products listed, but I also use them on my own sleds.

Here is a list of my partners and their products that I use.

I use Big John Trail Torquer kit in Blade, my 800 trail sled.




I am also using Big John's 840BB kit in Spawn, my new mountain sled.





Here is some of the powder coatings that Rick has done for me. These are the West Coast Sleds A-Arms that were done in Candy Apply Blue.

Here is the A-Arms from Blade that he did in Candy Apple Red.� They look awesome!

Here are the pistons for Big John's 840BB kit with a thermal barrier on the top, and a moly coating on the sides skirts.

Here is the cheater head I had Kelsey make up for me.� It is going on Big John's 840BB to make it truely a sleeper motor.� It looks like a stock 800 motor from the outside.

Here is the skid plate that is on Blade and brake scoop that Raffi whipped up for me. It is a one-off custom made stuff. I also have the complete skid plate but no pictures of the bottom of the part yet as I have to make cut-outs for my LED's on the under carriage.

He is currently working on the same thing in blue for Spawn. I will also be working with him on a one-off blue carbon fiber windshield.

Here are the Snow Eliminators that I did for Blade, they are stock, out of the box units cut down to fit.

Here are the ones I had custom made for Madness this last spring.

Here are the A-Arms I got from West Coast Sleds.� I will get further pictures with the heims and delrin washers installed once I get to that point.� These things are incredible.

With the titanium front springs and these arms, I have dropped 8lbs off the front end.

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