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My shop is a specialized shop, with professional facilities.

Here is a picture of the shock area:

Having your shocks rebuilt is a good way to restore not only handling, but ride quality. Here is some examples of the condition shocks should not be allowed to reach.

This is water from one bad shock seal.

This is what neglecting your shocks can lead to.
It isn't a pretty sight, and will not ride well.

This is what happens when worn out oil, water
and dirt get into your shock.

Don't neglect your shocks. Having them serviced regularly will not only leave you with a quality ride, but keep you on the trails longer without failures in an unexpected place.

I can also do custom shock work. I can revalve shocks to match your riding style, weight and comfort level. Everything from mild to wild can be made.

I can do custom length shocks, add Fox Podium remote ressies to your current shocks, change rubber lines to stainless steel braided hoses, strqighten bents shafts (if not too severely bent), install new seals and recharge shocks.

Here are some of the custom shocks that have been built.

This is a custom built C-46 (Popcan) HPG shock with aFOX Podium clicker added to it. It is on my montain sled.


These are custom ACT front shocks.
I had stainless lines made to length
and added FOX Podium clickers to them.

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