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Shock Pricing for services on customer provided shocks:

All shocks are cleaned, get fresh Amsoil synthetic shock oil and a fresh nitrogen charge.

Here are some examples of the before and after cleaning. The before are on the bottom, and after on the top in these pictures.




  • Rebuild w/Amsoil Oil - $27.50
  • Revalve w/Amsoil Oil - $41.00

This is an example of standard mono-tube ski shocks:

                                            This is an example of a mono-tube center shock:



  • Rebuild w/Amsoil Oil - 32.50
  • Revavle w/Amsoil Oil - $46.00

Here is an example of a large body shock. This is a C-46 rear shock for a Renegade.


This is a close-up of the bodies of the shocks.  You can see the larger body.  These happen to be Ski-Doo Renegade rear shocks.



  • Rebuild w/Amsoil Oil - $37.50
  • Revalve w/Amsoil Oil - $51.00

This is an example of a C-36 rear shock:


This is a remote ressie front ski shock with attached ressie:


This is an example of a remote ressie with the factory hose attachment.


SEALS for HPG Shocks

  • Main Seals - $8.00
  • IFP Seals - $6.00

SEALS for ACT/FOX Shocks

  • Main Seals - $15.00
  • IFP Seals - $ 4.00
  • All other seals are cost +25%

I work on these brands of shocks also.

This is a FOX shock, but I also work on Arctic Cat ACT shocks:

                                               I also work on the Ryde FX brand shocks, too.


Turning your VR shocks into monotube performance shocks are $40/shock + rebuild or revalve costs.



  • New 12mm Shafts - $100.00
  • Used 12mm Shafts - $50.00
  • Straighten Shaft (if�possible)  - $25.00


  • New 1/2" Shafts - $45.00
  • Used 1/2" Shafts - $25.00
  • Straighten Shaft (if possible) - $25.00

Other shafts please call for quotes and availability.

All pricing includes cleaning of shocks, removal of decals if desired, fresh Amzoil Shock Therapy oil and nitrogen recharge.

Turn your shocks from a so-so ride to one that is customized to your riding style and weight. It really is a night and day difference and will take your riding to the next level.

All custom shock work is by order. 

If you have ever thought about adding a FOX Podium (commonly called a 'clicker') to your existing shocks? I can modify you existing shocks to a FOX Podium. FOX Podiums give you the ability to fine tune your existing shocks for different riding condtions.  You can adjust them really firm for a aggressive riding, or adjust them to a soft setting for a leasurely ride.  You will have a full range in between, also.  

I can add FOX Podiums to pretty much any shock.  All are custom built to each rider, and each sled.  I use stainless braided hose with teflon liners, and all fittings are custom to each application.

I do have used FOX Podiums that can be added to all shocks.  I also have brand new ones that can be added.

Adding used FOX podiums to your current shocks (meaning you provide the shocks) would cost just $140 per shock.

Adding new FOX Podiums to yoru current shocks (meaning you provide the shocks) would run just $215 per shock. 

Here is some of the custom FOX Podiums that can be built:

This is the before, with all the fittings and parts shown:

Here is the same shock set completed and ready for installation:


Here is another example of a Podium being added to a C-46 (Pop Can) rear shock:



Here is a set of FOX Podiums added to a set of Arctic Cat ACT shocks:


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