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The New Custom Mountain Sled: SPAWN

I made Madness a few years ago. I love the sled but it needs a new, larger motor. I figured I could also use an updated chassis.

The sled is going to get all the treatments. It is going to get a new custom tunnel. I am using running board edges from VanAmburg, and my tunnel will be similar to a VanAmburg Boondocker tunnel.

This sled will be trimmed in blue, and the tunnel and bulkhead will be powder coated in flat black.

I just picked the chassis for my new mountain sled. I am really only interested in the bulkhead and NUN from this unit. I will, again, be bending up my own tunnel for this project.

Here is the chassis I got today:

Here is the brand new take-off 08 XP 154" Hillclimb skid. It comes with rail reinforcements and a custom piggyback shock. I will be changning out the front shock for one from a REV. That will give about 1" more height to the front of the skid. The shock is about 3/8 longer on the older REV's.


I also just purchased an RTI extended chaincase. So... once the summer fixer-uppers are done. I get to start on this new project.

This is going to have a ton of stuff from Dootalk sponsors, RPM Composites, HP Graphics, Big John, Dynamoe Joe and whole slew of others. So stayed tuned to see how this turns out.

Here is the extended�RTI chaincase I got from a member on Dootalk. It is installed on his sled, this is not installed on mine.

Here is the new track I scored today. I had to go to another site. But I wanted a Polaris Series 5.1 163" X 15" X 2.4"

Here is the track I just purchased from SW. (again not on my sled)


Just picked up my front shock springs. Titanium springs from Shaw @ Al's Snowmobile.

I also picked up the black side panels, console and trunk from Dootalk member, MXZDrew.

I got a nice custom vented dash pod from Dootalk member Skidoo_03, but bought from SW. New direction on the A-Arms.
I qot in contact with Sean at West Coast Customs. I am now a dealer for their light weight control arms.

I just got a set for my new project. I am getting them in raw steel so I can have them powder coated. The are adjustable from 39-41", give you 10* tighter turns and are about 10lbs lighter than the stock ones. Here is a picture of the new arms:
I spoke with Raphi at RPM Composites. He is going to be working on a new one-off custom skid plate in blue.

Casey at HP Wraps is going to tweak my other wrap a bit and make it in blue.

Once I get those items in hand, I will post some pictures.

I got a rear heat exchanger from an 09 XP, and the rear exchanger from a REV 151.

The XP exchanger is long enough to make the proper length exchanger, and the REV 151 has the proper 90* elbows I need to run the stock hoses.

By the time it is done and I paid my TIG welder to TIG them and water test them, I will have just under $200 total in the rear exchanger.

Trying to find a used 162 is next to impossible.

Got back from the Ski-Doo dealer with my new 440X braces. I got the rest of the bracing comming from Matt Santwire. I have decided that the tunnel is going to be in Mini Tech. It is a very fine wrinkle finish, and is a flat black.
Here is the new XP cooler that I am going to use. I have another cooler comming from a REV Summit. It has the correct 90* elbows I need to make this work. I will cut the XP cooler to length, cut the elbows off the old cooler then have an end piece tigged to the XP cooler, and have the elbows tigged to the cooler to properly fit the sled.
I got the panel for under the seat of a Summit. At $38 (my cost) it was easier (and cheaper) to just buy it from Ski-Doo than to make it. So the cooler will come out of the 121" chassis, then the plate will go under the seat with recess to allow the hoses to go to the front.

Here is the shot with the cooler in place:

Here are the braces:

Here is where the new center plate will go:
I got more parts in the mail today, and some I picked up from Trailways.

I got the other cooler to make the one I need. I will be cutting the elbows off this piece to put on the XP cooler:
I got more of the body panels today. I am just needing the exterior air box and hood. At Hay Days, I am looking for a good seat and a clear gas tank.

Here are the body panels that came today:
New (to me) track in the hizzzous. BONZAI!!!!!!!!
I got the new West Coast Customs A-Arms in last night. They are loaded up and ready to head to the powdercoater.

I will get some pictures when they come back from being powder coated Candy Blue

I got the new A-Arms back from Cool Concepts. These are the West Coast Customs A-Arms with the Candy Blue poweder coating.
I can't wait to start to work on her.

I just procured the drive axle. It is from an 06 440X race sled.

I prefer to build my own stuff. I can beef it up and know what is up with the sled.

I just got back from Minnesota. I picked up the SHR840BB motor. I will have pictures of it tomorrow.

Too much driving today.

At least the new Tacoma's motor is getting broken it proper. LOL 6 hours on the road today doubled the miles from 400 to 800.

Tomorrow it is clean up the bug guts all over the front end.... MAN! What is up with the bugs in Minnesota???? The front of the truck looks like I went through a machine gun nest of bugs. It was hard to see out the windshield. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow of that, too. It was all daytime driving, I have seen bugs that bad at night, but MAN.... what a MESS?!?!?!?!?

Here is the new SHR840BB motor. It came with carbs, Boyesen Rage Cages, all electrical and rewind. I will be pulling it apart, phasing the crank to make sure it isn't out of synch and checking all crank bearings. I will hone the cylinders and putting new rings after checking all clearances, putting a new base gaskets and O-rings in it.

I am sending the RKT head to Kelsey and having my stock 800 head cut to fit the domes. I want to have a stock looking 800 motor with no clues as to the BB kit in it.
I got the head pulled from the new 840 motor. The pistons, domes, cylinders all look good. I am going to pull the motor apart and true the crank. I am also going to putting all new seals in it just to be safe.
I also got my new roller clutch today, I got it torn down, inspected, cleaned and the new parts put in it. It got a fresh purple spring, a new guard, a new swivel abutment and new DJ clutch helix.

I also got the new 800HO Y-Pipe in the mail today. It's like Christmas around here all the time!!! LOL

I will be going with a stock 800 Summit pipe with an HPS can. I spoke today with Big John about that very subject. The domes are for 7,000Ft + so I will be running a mix at sea-level, and 92 octane at altitude.

I am also going to be running a stock Summit MPEM w/1* advance.
I just sewed up the deal on a BOSS nitrous set up. Just the level I wanted, too. 30HP.

It comes with a 20lb refill station. That should be good for every trip I take.

I pick it up Saturday. I am meeting the guy in Cedar Falls near the UNI campus. EXCELLENT! I little Kick-a-Poo Joy Juice....
I picked up my Boss Noss kit today. I met the guys sister on the UNI campus. It beat paying to ship NOS from South Dakota to Iowa.

I was a little skeptical on what all would be included. I was told it would be the complete Boss Noss kit, and a 20lb refilling station for $280. It was all there including the fittings that he did not use. The refill station is completely full.

There was the same kit on Dootalk For Sale section, but he wanted way more money and no refill station. I went with the setup from SW for $280, and what a deal it turned out to be. I loaded the control module with 8 'AA' batteries, filled the 2lb bottle and hit the 'ON' switch and hit the "GO" button and it released properly.

Just as safety sake, I am going to send the control module to Boss to have them test it properly.

This the stuff at my house, in my garage. This is what all I got. I am so stoked to fire this pig up.......
OK. I just landed the clear tank I have been looking for.

I got the top end of the motor torn down. Very bad news.....hidden damage.....severe damage.

Above the cylinder looks fine....kind of.

Below the cylinder is another story. It looks like this motor was hammered on before it was broken in. It has severe blowby on the rings, and signs of cold sieze on both cylinders. The PTO side is not as severe as the MAG side but started on that side as well.

The PTO side RAVE has signs of being hit by the piston, with indentations and pieces missing.

The transfer bridge on the MAG is cracked all the way through, and the bottom of the sleve has also started to crack. The MAG side piston is toast, and the MAT side cylinder will have to be welded and replated.

The RAVE valves have two different spings in them. One is about a half inch shorter than the other.

I am meeting Big John at Hay Days to drop off the parts to see what can be salvaged and what it is going to cost to fix. I am also sending my stock head to be machined to fit the 840 domes.

I need to head over to the shop tomorrow and pull the pistons off the rods. I am almost afraid to pull the bottom end apart.

I guess this motor wasn't such a smokin' deal for me.

Here are the pictures of the damage:

Here are some more pictures of the damage:

Here are some clearer shots of the RAVE damage. It may be OK, but I have another set that I think I will have Big John machine to work. The silver pieces you can see in the pictures are actually chunks missing, they are not just scrape marks. You can't really see the depth of them.

Here is a shot of the RAVE springs that I took out. The caps were turned out all the way. The short spring was in the MAG side, and the long spring in the PTO side. I will be the first to admit that I am not that familiar with 800 motors, but I am pretty sure that this is not a performance thing. I could be wrong, though.

Here is a shot of the carb side of the MAG side piston. NASTINESS!!!

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