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I got the billet stuff in from Brian at Tricked Toys. As usual, the stuff looks FANTASTIC!!! His stuff is second to none!

I got the wheels on then saw how crappy the washers and bolts look on the REALLY nice wheels. So I will be getting those powder coated black to blend in.

Here is the sled to date:

I just have to attach the rear bumper, polish the wind deflector on the secondary clutch and get with Jordan at Arctic FX about the new wrap. I sent him a piece of the powder coated pink so he can match it up. He will back in his office on November 12.

I did a bunch of shocks this morning and early afternoon.

I took some time to work on the pink sled. I got the electronics all finished up today and it is ready to fire up.

All the wiring for the electronic start is done, the battery is mounted and everything works properly.

With that all in place, I installed the exhaust system in the sled and put all the springs on it.

I also put the primary clutch on and torqued down the bolt.

She loves it...she is waiting final approval until after the new wrap gets put on it. The wrap and powder coating clash now. Jordan at Artic FX is getting that taken care of.

I didn't get a whole lot done this weekend due to customer's shock coming first. Keep em' coming guys and gals.

I did get the sled fired up today.

I filled up the gas tank, then removed the plugs and spun it a few times with the plugs to prime the fuel pump.

I put the plugs in her and she spun maybe 3 times and fired.

I don't know if you can see the smoke in the pictures, but she is running fine.

Not much left to finish her up. I just have to attach the Van Amburg edge rails, cut the rear bumper down and mount that, put the carbides on and line the skis up and put the new wrap on it.

It will be done by this weekend as it will be on display in Storm Lake, IA at the ISSA convention.


I was in the shop today.

I did up some customer shocks, then had some extra time to work on the wife's sled after taking a vacation day off this week to do shocks.

I got the gauge trim rings painted up and put on, the wires extended for the handwarmers, the VanAmburg edges bolted and riveted in place, the snowflap mounted permanantly, the rear bumper cut down and put on (I did find out BRP sent my two of the same side ends caps, so I need another of those) and the clutches cleaned up and are on permantly.

Jordan is working on the Pink Ribbon Riders' sled wrap and I still have to get carbides, shorten the front shocks, put the RPM Composites belly pan on, and powder coat the rear wheel and idler wheel washers and bolt heads.

Here is what it looks like to date with the old sled wrap on it:

The internals are complete and all fluids are in the sled: (I still need to put clamps on the front ressies but will wait to do that after I shorten the shafts. I have to order a different tool to get the bearing heads out of these.)

Here the final assembly shots of the all the internals.

Naw. That is the billet stuff. The wheels, brake lever, torsion spring blocks, gas cap and choke lever are all that way.

I got the shocks shortened up and back on the sled.

Earlier this evening, Jordan sent me the proof of the sled wrap. So here is the new sled wrap that is going on her:

OK....I got the new wrap from Jordan. AWESOME!!! I must say.....

I still have a few a things to finish up.

I have to put the carbon fiber skid plate on, I just got a new set of USI Triple Threat pink skis, change out the center spring, put the lower rubber straps on and mount the front remote ressies and it is done.

Look for some up coming posters. Dootalk's own Dani Medin is going to be modeling with the sled. We will be selling the posters. After I recoup my cost for the posters, all the procedes will be going to Pink Ribbon Riders.

I will be displaying the sled at several Pink Ribbon Rides this winter, along with club fun runs. The sled is to help raise awareness for cancer. I have lost my dad to cancer, and my wife lost her mother.

Pink Ribbon Riders is a GREAT foundation that assists with in-home help for cancer patients. My dad needed these types of services and I want to help not only raise awareness for them, but also try to raise some money for them.

Dani is heavily involved in cancer awareness and she was a perfect fit for this project. We should be doing the photo shoot soon. I will also be taking my blue sled and she will be modeling with that sled, also.

Here is the new sled wrap:

I put the finishing touches on the sled and took it on its first run.

I had a bear of time bleeding the brakes. I finally had to take the caliper off and put the bleeder screw on the high side and used a vacuum pump to pull all the air out of it.

I then filled up the chaincase with Amsoin synthetic chaincase oil.

I got the RPM Composites skid plate and belly pan on it.

I got the new USI Triple Threat skis with Woody's shaper bars put on it. I then aligned the front end with the track.

I finished up the decals and took it for a quick spin. It had a heck of knocking sound from under it.

I pulled it back in the garage, and found that I missed one window when I was cutting them out. Easy fix. All is working perfectly now.

This thing goes airborn sooooooooo easily. I have a little berm from the snowplows at the end of the street.

I may have been doing this all wrong with going bigger, bigger and bigger on the motor. I REALLY like this least until I hit a lake. Then I will REALLY want the bigger, bigger...LOL.

Here it is done and ready for the riding season.

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