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Well, Spawn drew first blood today. LOL

I cut myself good on the edge of the running board. I was drilling rivet holes, when it cut through on a low rivet and my knuckle got caught between the running board and the drill.

I couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I kept dripping blood all over the tunnel. Carb cleaner didn't even get it to stop.

So I had to shut down early today.

I didn't get to work on the sled yesterday. One of my buddies had his batchelor party. We spent the day shooting skeet (I would say well over 2000 shells and over 5 boxes of clay pidgeons), then we 4X4'ing, a couple of guys got stuck (we hadto get the skid loader for one guy who went over a log and we had to lift him off the log), then we back to the shop and had a tractor pull (my buddie is big into it so he made a mini pulling-sled and we used pedal tractors. I played a few games of Eucher (sp?) and came home. I left home at 9a and got home about 10:30p. I am sure the rest of the guys went until daylight.

I had to work on the sled today, though. is what I got done. I got all the chassis bracing in, the front arm supports, the pyramidal supports, the seat hold downs, the rear arm, drop brackets, the tip-up supports, the tail section and the cooler fitted up.

The only thing left is to grind off some rivets under the PTO side support, and finish putting the field rivets in place and it is off to the powder coater.

I put the VanAmburg edges in place, and the custom Snow Eliminators in place for their final fitting.

Here is custom made cooler for its final test fit. Everything is coming together nicely.

I got all the rivets in the field today after work. All the rivets are done, the tabs are put in place for the wiring, the foots got the flared holes and it is ready for powder coating.

I will call the powder coater tomorrow to see when he can get me in. Advanced Coatings has to do this one as Cool Concepts oven is too short by about 1ft.

Here are the flared holes for the footwells.

I just got a goodie-box from Brian at Tricked Toys. The stuff looks absolutely SIC!!!!!

I will get pictures of all the stuff tonight when I get home after golf.

Totally SIC!!! Brian....TOTALLY off the HOOK!!!

I couldn't wait to get home from golf tonight. It was like X-Mas in March!

Brian (from Tricked Toys) did a killer job with all this stuff.

Here is what I got. I got 2 - 9" rear wheels, 4 idler wheels, choke lever, gas cap, brake lever and reservoir cover and I also got the spring adjusters.

I may opt for getting two more idlers, but may not. I am not sure how they will. I will how they line up with the track. I may just leave the stock black in place.

Here is all the stuff unpacked:

Here is the skid (just about finished). I have to tighten some bolts, and rebuild the shocks. I think I am going to add a FOX Podium to the fronts and center.

I just became dealer for FOX shocks, and I am going to have Kelsey from RK Tech make me some low compression domes so I can ride it in Iowa if I want. is what the Tricked Toys rear skid looks like. It has Cool Concepts power coating, Tricked Toys wheels and spring adjusters, RCI titanium springs, BC3 spacers and A-MAIZE-ING KUSTOMS shock work. It sure is purdy....LOL

Well. I got the tunnel/bulkhead back this morning. It really isn't a flat black like I wanted, but it is a semi-gloss. It may make the blue stand out even more than the flat black.

I ordered the satin-black automotive paint for the hood and console today, too.

Here is the tunnel when I brought it home and test fit all the parts back on it:

I also took another load of stuff out to Cool Concepts. The Y-Pipe, expansion chamber and HPS can, a few more brackets, the Snow Eliminators and the nitrous bottle to be coated. This should be the final load.

All said and done, powder coating ran me about $600 for everything. It looks good and will stay that way for a very long time.

I got two more of Matt Santwire's braces in place. I still have the side bolts to put on top of each side, but the front plate is on. The side braces are lined up but I still need to buy the stainless bolts to put them in place.

Here they are lined up and in place:

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