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Got quite a bit done today. Had to go to the inlaws for Easter Dinner. After that I got to work on the sled.

I got the front cooler put in place:

I also got all of Matt's bracing put in place, including the new prototype upper pyramid bracing:

I also go the right side foot well done. I am just waiting for the Snow Eliminators to get back from powder coating. That should be later this week.

I did some finish work on Matt's bracing, and filled in the field tonight.

I also put in the stainless bolts to hold the tower braces in place.

I got the left side footwell completely done up:

Here is the right side finished up with the hold downs riveted in place.

Now, I am just waiting on my Snow Eliminators to come back from powder coating. Once they are back, then I can rivet them in place and put the Van Amburn edges on permanently.

I have 3 pieces left to be powder coated. I have to modify the belt guard yet. And a couple of little pieces. Then the big stuff starts going on.

I ordered the new bearings, gears, chain and seals for the chain case.

Here are some more shots of the powder coating I got back today:

Here is the Rick did with matte black ceramic coat:

I also got the seals for the chain case. I am hoping to get the axle and track in this weekend. But, Sunday I am playing golf, and I have to work tomorrow.

I have to stop by Custom Hose and pick up the fittings for my shocks. I am going to add remote ressies to the front and center. I am getting low compression domes from Kelsey so I can run it here in Iowa. With the ressies, I can put them over to trail, or mountain settings.

I am also going to install the sway bar with a delete kit to help with ditch banging.

I had to work this morning, and move my mom back home for the summer. She stays in the winter with us as she lives alone and is 75 years old. So we have a room for her at the house.

Anyway. I got home about 4pm and put the chaincase, axle, track, jackshaft, brake rotor, brake caliper, speed sensor and greased the left side bearing.

I still need to figure out the gearing, but I think it should be around a 19/43. I haven't put the pencil to the paper on that yet.

The clearance looks a little tight, but it is about a 1/4". It is dropping straight down, but when pulled back is more distance away from the cooler.

I also got the Snow Eliminators test fitted and ready to rivet in place. I also put the body panels in place Gleco'd them in place to make sure everything fit. Tomorrow I have to make the bracket to hold the nitrous bottle in place. Once that is done, I can start hanging panels on for good.

I put the rear rack in place, some people don't like them. I like them. They are good source to store things for survival gear.

I did some work today on the sled. Nothing really ground shaking, but some things are getting done. I went after work tonight to Custom Hose and had the hose made for my remote ressie on the center shock.

Here is the test fitted center shock. I haven't decided yet, but I think I am going to go with a different shock fitting. The banjo bolt ground down may give about 1/2" more clearance.

Here are the shots of the 90 elbow. Once I get it compete, I will post a finished shot:

I also got a big box from BRP today. It had a bunch of bushings I needed, me skid adjuster, my skis, my riser, by wind deflectors, my gas tank mount and my handlebar wiring harness.

Here is the skid adjuster installed on the new skid. I lost another chunk of skin. This sled wants blood.....LOL!!

I know this is kind of menial, but it did get done tonight. Spawn got its eyes tonight.

Here is the new Sea-Doo riser. Tomorrow night I will be modifying the steering post to accept it.

I'll save that snip it for when the engine fires up.

When the engine is ready to fire up, Rob Zombie Dragula will be playing. That is the song that has been playing when all my creations of late have come to life. LOL

I had to work until 7p today, so I couldn't get a ton of work done.

I went to Custom Hose this morning to have the ski shock hoses made up.

I got the shocks all mocked up tonight. Here are the fronts ready to be rebuilt:

I wasn't going to put ressies on the front or center, but then decided that I wanted to be able to ditch bang it here. I want to be able to set them for riding here and in the mountains, so I added them.

Here is the new center shock mocked up with a banjo bolt instead of an elbow. I ground the head down to about half its size to give more clearance:

I also got the 440X steering post ground down to fit the Sea Doo riser:

I got a bunch of stuff done today. I got the wiring harness in place, the rear heat exchanger hoses, the gas tank, tank braces, oil tank, coolant reservoir tank, voltage regulator, electric start harness, steering braces, steering boots, exhaust stoppers and the belt guard put in place.

I took the side off of it for better cooling. I then cut the sides of the cover down to make it look like it is supposed to be that way.

Tomorrow it is going to be putting the front plastic on, the rear skid in the sled, the Snow Eliminators riveted in place, the Van Amburg edges bolted in place the rear bumper and rack put in place.

More pictures tomorrow...

Well...another day of working in the guy-rage (as the wife call's it).

I got the Snow Eliminators and the VanAmburg edges on. I got the cooler riveted in place and the center piece in place. I got the rear bumper and rack put in place.

I didn't get the front body panels on as I had to change the oil and rotate the tires on the Tacoma and remove and install a new golf shaft in a buddies 9 iron. So that took some time away from the project.

When I put the adjusters on the inside, the bolts that hold the adjuster hit the bolts that hold the extension in place. I had to make a spacer plate to give clearance. That was another hour killed.

I also got the rear suspension under her, but it needs a little finese to get bolted in place. I had to cut up boxes from supplies and parts that came in this week. That took over an hour. By the time that was all done up, I decided to call it quits for the day...

This is what I got done today:

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