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Ok...don't know where the measurements went wrong, but apparently the XP skid is mounted in a different location.

According to regular calculations, a 2" rail extension should have been fine. With the 154" skid and a 163" track, that left a 9", subtract 2" for the 9" wheels, that leaves 7" and divide that in half should be 3.5". I set the skid back 1.5" from the stock location, so that leaves 2"

Well....not! It is still 70mm (2.75") short. So I contacted Wild Child to get a new set made ASAP.

The angle of the skid must also be different, as I think I have to lower from front A-Arm mounts. I just have to wait and see after I get the front suspension on tomorrow.

Anyway, the wife put the rear skid in the sled tonight. LOL. Here is a shot of here putting in the front A-Arm bolts. LOL I love a woman who can turn wrenches....

Here are some shots of the rear skid in the sled.

I also got the steering post and Sea Doo riser back from Cool Concepts. Here you can see the extra bracing from the race sleds that I put in place. I still have to put in the bolt on the left side.

You can see that it is a total of 10" of riser from the console. That is just perfect for me.

As stated in earlier posts, I took today off work and worked on the sled. I got a bunch of stuff done on the front end today.

I got ahold of Wild Child for the new rail extensions. I got the front end on the sled and all the panels riveted in place.

I took all the foam off the under side of the panels and used adhesive remover to get all the guey stuff off. I removed all decals and residual stuff. I cleaned all the panels and cut the holes for the remote ressies. The right side I had to angle down a little more to make enough clearance for the nitrous bottle.

I also put the reflective sheeting on the exhaust side of the panels. It was a bunch of little things that just took time. I got it all done up today though.

I also got both front shocks done up today. I used a set of Adrenaline shocks for the mock-up as I didn't have to mess with the ressie flopping around. I just have to put the nuts on the A-Arm bolts and they are complete. I had to file down the West Coast Sleds bushings to get them to fit the spindal with the powder coating.

I am on track to drop the motor in the sled for the weekend.

Here is getting the hose fit to the body panels to get the holes in the correct location. Then in place then with the side panel on it.

Here are some shots with the panels on

Here are some shots of the whole thing with the panels in place and the front suspension on the sled with the new Pilot 6.9's. I am going to try these skis to see how they work. They are brand new and cheaper than Powder Pros. If they don't work out, I can always get the Powder Pros.

Here is a shot of the sled set at the proper ride height. I will have a settle-in of about an inch.

Well, I got the engine dropped in the chassis today.

It dropped right in place, no issues. I also got all the coolant lines & hoses hooked up. I also got all the electrical harnesses put in place, and the starter on it.

Tomorrow I have to stop by Menard's and pick up some stainless bolts for the Boyesen's. I still need to go through both carbs and rebuild them and make sure they jetted properly.

I spoke with Big John today to see what the starting point should be for jetting. Big John is awesome. Taking customer on a Saturday is above and beyond.

I got the oil pump hooked up (what a PIA THAT was!). I got the fuel lines on, the oil hoses connected, the Boyesens on and the carbs rejetted and the correct needles put in. I also rebuilt both carbs and synched them. I also made sure the air box fit and that I had the room put the Boss Noss controller between the gas tank and the air box.

This is also the improved flow airbox from the 07 SummitR.

I also got the controls put on, the handle bar wiring done, the new brake switch put in, the handwarmers on, the J-Hooks in place, the master cylinder put in and the billet stuff from Brian at Tricked Toys installed.

I am still waiting on some parts. I am off work tomorrow, I will doing some polishing tomorrow and getting the exhaust finished up. I need to take the y-pipe off my other mountain sled (it the EGT bungs welded in) and change it out with this one.

The rest of the day I need to regroup in the garage. Now that things are getting hung on the sled, I need to clean.

I ran into a setback yesterday.

The steering riser harness won't work with the 03 harness I have. The kill switch won't work. I did some wire tracing and one side of the ground goes to an open spot on the main harness connection.

I don't if just wiring in a spot to ground will work. I am going to tray that today.

I also hooked up the used tach to my 04 trail sled and the tach won't move. The high beam light comes on when you use the switch, but the brake light will not come on either.

OK. I figured out the Tach. Had to switch a pin around to get it to work properly.

Unfortunately, I also got the kill switch to work by tying it into another ground wire. However, the 03 harness is missing some of the wires to make it work with the newer Tach/Speedo.

I ordered a new wiring harness so I will have to wait until that comes in to fire it up.
I got a big SkiDoo order in today.

I put the new brake line on (the other was too short), I put the brake pads in, put the gears and chain in (21 top 45 bottom w/74 link chain), put the hand guards on, put the mountain strap on, the chaincase cover went on and the battery tray went in place.

The handle bars are now finished.

I got the new extensions from Wild Child today. I test fit those and tightened the track. They are prefect length, now. I then dropped them off at Cool Concepts to be powder coated.

I got everything squared away with Joey last night. The new kit was sent today so I can put the other roller clutch on my old mountain sled.

Yesterday I got the RPM Composites one-off stuff. I will get some pictures of that tomrrow.

I also got everything to set up my primary clutch. I got a used Thunder Shift kit with oversized rollers to used on this one.

Here are some shots of tonights progress. I am hoping the harness is here tomorrow.

Not many pictures from the weekend as everything looks pretty much the same.

I had to tear the plastic back off the sled, the gas tank, the seat and rear seat cover off.

I got the old wiring harness out, and the new harness put in place.

I also got the primary clutch set up with the new 415 ramps, a new primary spring and the Thundershift arms set up were I want to start with them.

Joey's new helix should be here this week so I can get that set up. I have new internal parts on that, too. I did tear down all the rollers and cleaned them all up.

I just need to drop the swing down a bit, get the Y-Pipe off the old sled and get it added to the new sled and add the exhaust.

Next is just put gas and oil in her and she will be ready to fire up.

I am also going to change the top gear per Big John's suggestion.
OK....I ordered the last of the stuff I need to finish the sled. Some gaskets for the exhaust, the quick clickers, and floating secondary but and the sway bar disconnect.

I picked up the WildChild extenstions from Cool Concepts tonight, and dropped the rear suspension to relocate the front arm down about an 1".

I also got some shots of the stuff Raffi (from RPM Composites) whipped up for me. Thursday those will get put on. I had weddings over the weekend, and Mother's Day so not much got done over the weekend.

Here are some quick shots of the stuff.

This should give pretty good coverage for "float" on the front end.
I got the new 19 too0th top gear in the mail today, so that will be changed out.

I got the new holes drilled for the front arm. The skid is back under it. WildChild's rail extensions are in, and the track tension set.

The skid sits perfectly now. The back tips up like it is supposed to, and the front of the skid is level.

Tomorrow I can pick up DJ's helix. It should be finished up this weekend. Just waiting on the wrap from Casey and the windshield. They sent the yellow one instead of the smoke one I wanted.

I got Raffi's Kevlar/Carbon Fibre skid plates on tonight. Tomorrow, I will put the A-Arm protectors on.

I also got the snowflap on.

I Dynamo Joe's new helix in the mail and got the secondary done up.

I will be getting the rear rack and bumper permanantly mounted, along with the rear wiring and wire cover plates on.

I need to switch out y-pipes with my old sled as it has the EGT's in it. I thought I might fire it up this weekend, but I don't have the Y-Pipe bolts, Nordlocks or either of the donut gaskets. So I will have to wait until next weekend when my order comes in.

I need to order new fuel jets for the Boss Noss. So I can get that all plumbed in. I think I will wait to get the engine running then install the Boss Noss and Digitron on the same weekend.

I will have more shots (with better lighting), and some good shots of RPM Composites stuff. When I have the A-Arm protectors on, I will get it up in the air for complete shots.

With Raffi's skid plates, and Matt Santwire's bracing, it makes a VERY rugged chassis. I lawn darted my trail sled with this same setup, and just sheered off some skid plate bolts. Without them, I would have been replacing a NUN.

Here are some complete shots of the sled with better lighting.
Here is a better shot of the rear skid with lighting:
She-La and I went to Perkins for breakfast, I watched TV for a bit, played with Olivia for about an hour, hit some shag balls and then worked on the sled.

I did a bunch of odds and ends today that needed to be finished up.

I got the rest of Raffi's stuff from RPM Composites put on. I had to modify them some to fit the West Coast Sleds arms. But they came out just fine.

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