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That should give the REV the extra "float" it needs from losing the bellypan.

I also got the bumper, rack and wiring loom finished up. I also got the rear of the VanAmburg edges bolted into place.

Tomorrow, I am going to get the gearing changed out from the 21 top tooth, to the 19 tooth and then make up the nitrous bracket to hold the bottle.

Anyway....I got the last of the fabrication done today. I made the bracket to hold the nitrous bottle.

I did manage to get a large bucket of golf balls in, wash the Tacoma and play with Olivia for an hour, or so again. She then came in the garage to help.

I got it all torn back down and will drop it off to the powder coater tomorrow.

I routed the nitrous line from the bottle the controller. While looking closely over the jets and where I was going to mount them, I found someone had drilled a very tiny hole in the one fuel jet. It is a smaller size than the jet size, but it is all the say through.

I will put a tack weld over it and it would be fine. Interesting though as to why someone would do that...I HOPE nothing malicious.

Here is the bottle mounted with the HPS can also in place.

This the plan is to get the nitrous all hooked up, the jets plumbed and the controller mounted.

The last of the stuff I ordered should also be here this week. The windshield, the exhaust gastets, Nordlocks and some other stuff. If it is, I am hoping to have this fired up next weekend
I am going a different direction on the sled wrap.

I am going to be working with Jordan from ArcticFX on a new wrap.

This wrap is going to really pop. Even though I designed the orginal, which was great for my trail sled. I just didn't want it looking the same sitting next to it.

So Jordan is fixing me up properly. We are taking one of his designs and tweaking it somewhat to be custom on my sled.

Here is the base design:

He is going to using flat black for the background so it matches the panels. He is going to be doing a piece that goes up onto the windsheild, a piece that goes on the trunk and the base under the trunk.

Jordan is great to work with. I sent him a piece with the candy blue on it, so he can match the colors up. He is going to be putting Summit on the sides in a shaded blue instead of white, and instead of Ski-Doo on the hood, he is going to put A-MAIZE-ING KUSTOMS across it. I will then pain the screens in the hood to match the graphics.

This is going to really 'pop' when it gets on the sled. I can't WAIT!!!!!!!
 got some stuff done this weekend. But I ran a little snag. The HPS can is apparently not for a REV, it is for any XP. I pulled my Rumble Pack off the trail sled and it fits. The HPS can is about 1 3/4" too tall.

So I need to sell the really nicely fresh coated HPS can for an XP, and get one for a REV. If anyone is interested, I'll sell it for $200 shipped in U.S. or $220 to Canada.

I got the nitrous all plumbed up including fuel and nitrous lines. I got the rest of the exhaust in, and both clutches finished up. I got the new ramps done, the quick clickers in place and new springs in both clutches with a free floating washer in the secondary with DJ's new clutch helix.

Here are the clutches in place (I still have to put the new belt on), and the belt guards. I cut the edge of the belt guard and filed it down so it looks like it is supposed to come without the plastic cover:

Then I got the Y-Pipe mounted up with fresh gaskets, new bolts and Nordlock washers:

Then I dropped in the expansion chamber:
Here you can see how the Rumbler Pack fits with nitrous bottle in place:

Next I got on the rest of the nitrous. I had to cut the fuel supply line and install the T for the nitrous. Then I had to drill an 1/8" hole in each boot for the fuel jets. I then routed all the fuel lines and fuel pressure controller. I then hooked up all the lines to the controller.

Here is from the other night in getting the nitrous jets mounted. This is a shot of the jets installed on the inside of the air-box:

Here is the box reassembled with them in place:

Here are fuel jets all plumbed up and ready to go:

Here is the fuel pressure regulator and the controller mounted up:

This week I will prime the oil pump, try to find an HPS can, finish up the coolant lines to the carbs and top hose, bleed the brake, fill the chaincase, prime the fuel pump and see if I can't breath some life into this thing.
IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

I got off work at 4:30p, stopped by the Post Office to pick up my Certified Check for my Jeep stroker motor, then stopped by and got some 110 race gas....then I got home around 5:45p, filled up the gas tank, added some oil to the fuel and primed the oil pump.

I put in Rob Zombie's Dragula.

I hit the starter a few times to prime the fuel pump.

Once fuel started in the lines it fired right up. I held open the oil pump until is started to smoke really good.

I am letting it cool down right now, then I will fill up the coolant and she is ready to roll.
I worked on the Sea-Doo Speedster trailer this morning until it got too to hot outside.

Jordan (from Arctic FX) came through with flying colors.

Last week, I sent Jordan the trunk. His kits don't normally come with trunk covers. I sent him the trunk and did a really nice job whipping something up to put on it.

He also wanted a piece that is powder coated so he could match the color. He hit it dead-on.

I got the wrap done up in the cool garage with the central air on. LOL

Here is the sled with the wrap on it. I am still waiting for my windsheild so I can get that wrapped. The pattern continues onto the windsheild.

Here is the trunk cover Jordan did. I had him make sure to put his logo on it. He also whipped up a new logo for me.

The color almost looks like it was laid over foil. It really pops when the sunlight hits it, just like the candy blue.
Today I got the rest of the kit from Jordan. The fill-in pieces. I got those applied, and the grills painted to match the graphics.

I also got the guage rings painted. The new windshield and tach will be here on Tues. I can get the rest of the wrap on it.

All I have left is to wire up the activation switch, wire up the 'call' switch for the nitrous, install the tach, install the HPS can when it gets back from coating and put the wrap on the windshield and it is done. Oh, and align the skis.

Everything but the tach and windshield will be done tomorrow. (It is supposed to rain, so I won't get to paint the Speedster trailer.

I got the rest of the stuff tonight. The only thing I have left to do is put the Ice Scratchers on the rear skid. Then it is ready for the show Saturday. If I didn't have the company spring dinner tonight, it would be done. I have to leave for that in about 9 mins.

Here are some (pretty much) finished shots:

Stick a fork in this is DONE!!!!!

I called Eric Sloghterman from the DNR today. He is coming by Friday afternoon to look at it. He will then get my VIN for it. It will be registered as a 2011 Summit.

Here are some shots outside (I took it for a spin down the block and back. LOL

Here it the extra room I have now - LOL - YEAH!!!!

Here is the sled with sun on it. The blue really pops more than the red....

I have to give credit, where credit is due....

Without the help of so many people, this thing would be a bear to put together.

I need to thank so many:

Big John from Sled Head Racing
Kelsey from RK Tech
Joey from Dynamo Joe
Raffi from RPM Composites
Jerry from Snow Eliminators
Wildchild Rail Extensions
Brian from Tricked Toys
Jeremy from West Coast Sleds
Jordan from ArcticFX
BC3 (Bob) from TrickSleds
Sean from Al's Snowmobile
Jason from Midwest Sports Salvage
Scott from Recreational Motorsports
Matt Santwire's Bracing
Jim from Sta Cool
A special big THANKS to Rick from Cool Concepts

I have worked with all of these guys, and they are the best. If ever need their services, give them a will be happy you did.

See John....I TOLD you I would get you on there. LOL
It was the WORST day for an outside show.

It started thundering and lightning around 2:30A, and just poured rain up to about 6:30A. It stopped about 7:45A.

Registratrion was from 8:30A to 11:30A - We got there around 8:45A. I got everything unloaded, the covers off the sleds, the tent set up and just got sat down and it started to rain again.

It rained until about 1:30p. Then cleared off about 2:30P, trophy presentations was at 3:00P.

There are usually about 225-250 vehicles at this event. This year, there was only 137, due to the weather.

They put me a class with the tuner cars. I got 2nd place with Spawn, and 3rd place with Blade.

Even though it rained, there were still quite a few people there. It was still a lot of fun, met a lot of good people, and got hang out for the day with some friends who show Vettes and Mustangs.

Here are some shots of the event:

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